Monday, October 12, 2009

So many chickens, so little time

Eight tonight. Airport. My plane for the States takes off from Rio.

I'm mostly packed, and I'll have about eight hours to kill once I leave the hotel. One thing I wanted to accomplish while here was to sample one of my favorite Brazilian bar foods, frango à passarinho (chicken in the style of little birds) which is marinated chicken chunks, on the bone, fried until crispy--the skin like crunchy bacon--then topped with a mountain of toasted/fried garlic. How they get the garlic so toasty without burning is perhaps the greatest secret held in Brazil. I don't think I can do it at home. But it comes out flavorful, essential and strangely doesn't leave the garlic breath you might expect. It's a specialty at certain beer joints around the city, including a couple near the hotel. So, if I play my cards correctly, I'll get to achieve this last, all important goal before I head to Tom Jobim Airport.

Later the next day:  I did NOT get the little bird chicken. Damn!

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