Thursday, November 19, 2009

Band On The Run: Gypsies In Florence With a Weevil In Their Meal!

This is part of a group I've seen a few times in Florence playing in different places, different configurations. I am not sure where they are from, maybe Romania? Anyway, they are great and I wanted to share this. Sorry about the photography...I shot this with my little Canon PowerShot camera from over 100 feet away!!!! Didn't want to be conspicuous!! Overall, not bad, some shaky stuff with Dante at the end!

By the way, they are playing an old Brazilian standard from the 30s called Tico Tico No Fubá--Weevel in the Meal


JBS said...

Can't get this video to work SambaMaster. Thanks for all the great posts!

Still looking for the capon.

SambaMaster said...

everyone else got it to work. press the play button, then nudge the progress arrow.

safeway has capon.