Sunday, November 14, 2010

“He wouldn't put the toilet seat up,
so I divorced him.”

Little tidbit.

In more than one place in Italy, including all the trains, the toilet seats are sprung in such a way that they always remain in the "up" position.

Why do you think this is?

Well, it's because many, too many, guys will not put the seat up when they pee, so the seat becomes sprinkled with a thorough layer of piss. Unpleasant for any who sit there after. Actually, it sucks. More than unpleasant.

So, ladies, think about that when you complain about the seat not being put down. Better is to leave it up so when you use it, it is guaranteed to be dry.

Cultural details vary from country to country.



SuzQ said...

If I open your blog and read "toilet seat" in the headline one more time, someone is going to get flushed!!!!!

SambaMaster said...

I don't believe the phrase has occurred before! At least in a headline....

Anonymous said...

I've heard italian men described to be similar, mechanically at least.